Adriana Meunié

Name: Adriana Meunié

Location: Mallorca / @adrianameunie_textilework

Work / Creative Outlet: Textileart



What does “intimacy“ look like to you?

A sacred space you share carefully or just keep for yourself. It can be physical or not.
What are the most intimate objects you own?

What does 'body positivity' look like to you?

Taking care and accepting your body at the same time.


 What is your relationship with your creative outlet?

To be very stubborn and fight to defend my work, which is based in enjoying the work. The way more ideas come out is by doing more. I learn and discover new possibilities with every piece - that’s why I must be in my studio working as much as possible.


Currently reading?

John Fire Lame Dear


Currently listening to?

Jonny Cash, Frank Zappa, Leonard Cohen...


Album or artist that most resonates with you?

Hard to say! Maybe Van Morrison 


Currently exploring?

How to use my time. I want to feel like I’m conscient and doing what I need in every moment. I’m tired of feeling as if I'm passing through, or “ bumbling “ into obligations ... 


What grounds you?

Animals are what give me peace. 


Where are you finding inspiration right now?

I always get it from my surroundings. From my day to day.


How are you facilitating self-growth right now?

 I‘m looking at myself and how I express myself to the world. There is a gap missing - trying fix it!


What part of your body have you grown to appreciate?

My little pointy breasts.


I feel most secure when...

 I’m alone. 


I'm currently working on… 

Tapestries and Canvas made with primary materials to show the beauty of local materials traditionally used in artisan handcrafts because I think it’s important to embrace local industry, handwork, and tradition.


I'm grateful for...

All that I have lived and everything that has taken me to be able to share my life with an incredible person, my family and my work.