Alexandria Coe

Alexandria Coe

London / @alexandria_coe

Visual artist


What does “intimacy“ look like to you?

intimacy - I suppose for me, is being vulnerable and accepting that. Showing the dark and light sides to ourselves and others 


What are the most intimate objects you own?

I have a vast collection of lingerie. For me alone. For under clothes or around the home. There is something so special about really lovely cotton or silk close to your skin.


What does body positivity look like to you in practice?

For me body positivity is about accepting you as you are, flaws and imperfections. But also accepting others - trying to not be too critical of those around you and supporting all forms of beauty. 


What is your relationship with your creative outlet?

Mixed. I love what I do and I know I am very lucky to do it for a living. But its a frustrating path and you are never satisfied, which is all part of the artisitic mind.


Currently reading?

Slowly trekking through “the body keeps the score “ its all about how trauma is stored with the physical form. Its incredibly fascinating, but a heavy read I have to dip in and out of.


Currently listening to?

When I work, I like to listen to more instrumental music. I particularly love a few Arthur Russel albums on repeat.


Album or artist that most resonates with you?

Louise Bourgeois. Her couple drawings especially really hit a spot.


Currently exploring?

On the way to Croatia...


What grounds you?

Movement, long baths, being bare foot.


Where are you finding inspiration right now?

Within the practice of doing and being. I feel summer is such an extroverted time that a lot of inspiration is found within life itself.


How are you facilitating self-growth right now?

Growing from heartbreak. Allowing pain and trying to grow and learn from it and transforming myself in that process


Who in your life advances your internal expansion?

I have some important friends who are real expanders for me. I would always say surround yourself with those older than you. Their wisdom will empower you.


What part of your body have you grown to appreciate?

My legs. It was My biggest hang up growing up. There wasn’t as much emphasis on celebrating strong bodies when I was young so I used to hate my runners legs. But now I see them as a real symbol of my fitness and strength.


I feel most secure when..



I'm currently working on… 

A new book ( top secret )


I'm grateful for...

Everything life has taught me so far. The good and the bad.