Arturo + Bamboo

Arturo + Bamboo


How has your environment growing up influenced your work? 
We both grew up in The Hague, a seaside town in The Netherlands and the sea and the lifestyle around it feels still like a red thread throughout our work. 

What does “community“ mean to you?
Community means for us a connection between like-minded people who have a certain way of life and common interests - we always feel that this particular attraction happens in a natural way.

What fosters community in your life? 
Personally we’ve experienced that in every place we live - whether that is Berlin, Greece, Amsterdam or Spain - a certain cast of characters slowly but surely comes closer together, even when you don’t expect it! 

What is your relationship with your creative outlet?

Our photography comes naturally and is weaved into our daily lives, especially since we’re working and living together. 

Book or books that deeply move you?

We’re obsessed about all kinds of printed matters and we have so many favourite books - to name one is hard but it has to be ‘Lartique, Life In Color’.

Currently listening to?

Hailu Mergia - Wede Harer Guzo

Album or artist that most resonates with you?

JJ Cale - Live

Currently exploring?

After a winter in Amsterdam, we’ve relocated to a Spanish island and are working here on our next publication.

What grounds you?

It sounds like a cliche by now but nature is really grounding us - especially after a longer period of time in the cities of Berlin and Amsterdam.

Where are you finding inspiration right now?

In daily routines - this island brings back a certain simplicity that inspires us every day. 

How are you facilitating self-growth right now?

We’re immersing ourselves in countryside living now instead of a very urban one which gives us of energy, a different kind of of energy - ideally we would like to mix those in a way we’re sure of yet.  

I feel most secure when..

we’re together.

We're currently working on…  

A new publication based around the timelessness of the Alps - it is always super exciting to be in this phase. 

We’re grateful for…

Working and living together in this special and intimate way.