Chantal Convertini

Chantal Convertini

Basel / @paeulini



What does “intimacy“ look like to you?

No particular image, but, for me, it has something to do with the beauty of being vulnerable.

What are the most intimate objects you own?

My notebook … it has my heart.


What does body positivity look like to you in practice?

I am lucky that through my lens everyone is beautiful. That’s a pretty good start, I guess. With myself, I am obviously less forgiving - on a very good level though.


What is your relationship with your creative outlet?

An ambivalent one. Sometimes I’m hyped about it and love it deeply and then again I’m very, very bored by it.


Currently reading?

Kate Tempest - Hold Your Own. Alain de Botton - Course of Love. Yuval Noah Harari - 21 Lessons for the 21st century. I can’t stay with one book. I always choose by mood.


Currently listening to?

Collide from Queen and Slim soundtrack - on repeat!


Currently exploring?


What grounds you?

I actually don’t know. Would be good to know. Way too often I am somewhere up on a rollercoaster…


Where are you finding inspiration right now?



How are you facilitating self-growth right now?

[I'm] always trying to reflect my behavior towards my social media usage, towards my loved ones, the thoughts I have towards myself ... and life in general. And then again without overthinking.



What part of your body have you grown to appreciate?

Definitely my breasts.

I'm currently working on… 

My first book. It’s almost done. We are test-printing.


I'm grateful for...

The arts and the people that value them as much as I do.