Iona Catherine

Iona Catherine
How has your environment growing up influenced your work and / or perspective?
Growing up, I was raised that showing a woman’s body was seen as scandalous. My perspective changed drastically when I fell in love with myself fully, which was in my early twenties. That's when I realized art should be praised, along with a woman's body.
What does “community“ mean to you?
I am very much so a recluse. I don't carry much interest in a sense of community other than to be surrounded with similar, likeminded humans.
What fosters community in your life right now? 
I am alone. Everything else is a past life, which I recall fondly, with admiration, and a flux of pain.
What is your relationship with your creative outlet?
Although I have my creative outlets that doesn’t mean they fulfill me completely. I believe my work can never fulfill me completely. I am a very critical and self deprecated human. Nothing is ever good enough. Nevertheless, I will never stop creating art.
Currently reading?
A novel I always turn back to is Stephan Wolfe by Herman Hesse.
Currently listening to?
Always, ALWAYS, the artist Nicolas Jaar.
Favorite film?
Children of Men directed by Alfonso Cuarón.
What grounds you?
Being alone and/or cuddling my dog.
Currently exploring?
How to float through life selflessly. 
Where are you finding inspiration right now?
Whatever my eyes can see, my hands can touch, my mouth can taste, the scent that carries through me.
How are you facilitating self-growth right now?
I'm not worried about it. I wont know until after it has happened. Maybe keep learning French or how to not be such a selfish person.
Who in your life advances your internal expansion?
Me, myself and I ONLY.
I feel most secure when..
I surround myself with what I love.
I'm currently working on…  
Being the best human I can be.
Simple pleasures I'm grateful for...
My morning coffee, my baths, putting makeup on, my walks around my neighborhood with my puppies, taking images, making good food, my cuddles at night, making love.
Being fucking heathy and alive!