Jenna Saraco

J E N N A  S A R A C O
Photography + Creative Direction
How has your environment growing up influenced your work?
I believe it was the people in my life growing up that influenced me the most. I grew up in a jewish family, in a very italian neighborhood in the suburbs of New York City. This experience may be very familiar to a lot of New Yorkers. My grandmothers lived close to us, and their presence, rituals and cooking had a real influence on how I see things, and what I'm drawn to creatively.

What does “community“ mean to you?
A place of belonging, shared through mutual interests, supporting one another creativity.

What fosters community in your life?
Building my brand Either And. This has created a sense of community for me. The goal of Either And is to create a world, and community that like-minded people can share in a creative experience. We're trying to create a space that centers around photography, and film, through digital and print publications using vintage clothing and objects as our subject. I love that the vintage community is so strong, and so universal as well.

What is your relationship with your creative outlet?
I think it's always evolving, as I try to continuously learn new things, push myself to grow in new ways, shed old ways of thinking. My creativity has always felt like part of my identity, but I'm learning that it doesn't have to be one thing. There are many facets to creativity I would like to explore.
Currently reading?
Eckhart Tolle.
Currently listening to?
The Minari Soundtrack.
Album or artist that most resonates with you?
Depending on my mood: The Pixies, Surfer Rosa or Sigur Ros.
Currently exploring?
Collage, sculpture, creating tactile scenes or objects to photograph, to preserve their memory. Self Portraiture.
What grounds you?
Walking, and being near water. I often take long walks to the east river to ground myself. It's become a ritual for me.

Where are you finding inspiration right now?
Through books, reading more, watching films.

How are you facilitating self-growth right now?
Reading more than I have before the pandemic started. I love "self help" books that help me unlearn what I've unconsciously absorbed from this society growing up.

Who in your life advances your internal expansion?
My closest friend, and business partner really nurtures my internal life and expansion. She's constantly pushing me and challenging me creatively. I am incredibly grateful to have a friend who sees me in this way and is able to share her energy with me.

I feel most secure when..
I wake up early, take care of my mind, body and do-to list for the day.
I'm currently working on…  
A personal project about my grandmother who just passed away.
I'm grateful for...
My grandmother's love and support.